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Battle Frontier Masterlist

Welcome to the Battle Frontier, a Pokémon roleplay community! If you are interested in joining, please be sure to read the rules and send us a message requesting your character. Hope to see you around soon!

This masterlist is run by Tabitha and Ruby.

✩We now do birthday parties✩

Notice: Do not feed the Wallace. He is only a sad sad man.

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Ghosty’s gone, so I have free reign over you all!!! [rubs hands together and laughs evilly] 

No, but seriously, if you have any problems or questions, it will all be going through me, Cakey. All the reserves and requests and anything else you send to the masterlist will be controlled by me, until further notice.

As Ghosty said, before, due to the hurricane, I’m not going to be a big prick about inactivities. I don’t keep track of where you all live, so this week (or however long this hurricane lasts. I don’t know, I’m on the west coast of the US) will pretty much be a free week. Don’t worry about sending in a hiatus, or what have you, don’t get uptight or worried. STAY SAFE! We’re all here to have fun, so seriously we understand that a lot of you don’t have power, or are in scary situations. So  stay safe, stay calm, stay alive.

In other news, today is Tuesday, and I’m off of work. This means I’ll be creeping around and sending awkward messages to anyone who posts that “TMI Tuesday” link. So if you want me to terrorize your character(s) let the fun commence!

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